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July 05 2015

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Guardians of Time, sculpture by Manfred Kielnhofer

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June 29 2015

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June 24 2015

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Benoit Trimborn
MER, Oil on canvas, 120x160cm, 2013

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Variegation is the appearance of differently colored zones in the leaves, sometimes stems of plants. This may be due to a number of causes. Some variegation is attractive and ornamental and gardeners tend to preserve these. (Source)
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June 13 2015

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A very sad loss. RIP Sir Christopher, and thank you.

The Family in the Walls

This experience was shared with Sixpenceee by tumblr user Pull-the-trig3r 

After my mother passed away, my grandma would tell my siblings and I  stories about my mom’s life to try and cheer us up. One of the stories she told was about my mom’s “family in the walls." 

One day when my mom was about 4 years old, her family moved into a new home. One night, my mom was told she couldn’t leave the dinner table until she finished her vegetables. Angrily she said: "My family in the walls wouldn’t make me finish!” My grandparents thought nothing of it, kids will be kids and they make up imaginary friends, so they let her go along with it.

About 7 years went by, and my mom still  regularly talked about her family in the walls. When my mom was 12 years old, my grandparents had heard enough about her family in the walls. They finally told my mom to stop talking about the family or she would be in deep trouble. Hesitantly, she agreed, and never talked about them again.

I recently bought my grandma’s house, the same home my mom spent most of her childhood in. While moving in, I found a small door behind an old China hutch. Inside is something I still can hardly believe.

The house is filled with secret crawl spaces and tunnels, something my grandma had no idea about till now. From cracks in the wall, and air vents you can see almost every room in the house. I have found stock piles of food, water, and clothing. Among all of these are hundreds of poloroid photos, all of one person, my mother.

The pictures show my mom from age 4 to 20, doing various activities from eating to sleeping, even taking out the trash.

So who was my mother’s “family in the walls?"
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I am not here for the idea that humans > everything else.

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